Best Time To Hike Everest

Hiking to Everest – no matter which trek you choose – is an ambition of a lifetime. So you don’t want it ruined by bad weather. If it is too hot or too cold – it could not only make the trek difficult or uncomfortable but at times also dangerous. So, to make sure you make the most out of your hike, we recommend that you follow our guide to the best time of year to hike Everest.In general, spring (March-May) and autumn (September – November) are the two best seasons to go trekking to Mount Everest. However each season offers something different –so read on to see which season best compliments your trekking needs:

Autumn Season

Individuals wishing to experience the true natural beauty that can be found in Nepal should opt to trek in autumn, as this season has clear, dry, and reliable weather. Moreover, during this time, the sky remains clear and thus trekkers are able to witness the best mountain views. In addition, this season allows travelers to view hills, lush valleys, rivers, forests, and waterfalls, making their journey truly as beautiful as possible.

Spring Season

Those wanting to travel through the dense rhododendron forests for which Nepal is famous should choose to trek between the months of March and May. During this season, you can expect warmer temperatures, with still a slight chance of precipitation. In addition, this is the peak season for the flowers indigenous to the area to blossom, making this a lush and beautiful environment in which to enjoy your trek.

If you are still undecided or have plans to visit outside of these seasons, get in touch with a member of our friendly team who will be happy to advise you further.